Choosing Kids Electric Cars: Sharing Our Life Hacks and State Secrets

детские электромобили

A few years ago, holiday parks were the only place to ride on an electric jeep for kids. Nowadays, some parents purchase them for home entertainment. Why not? Check these cars’ characteristics and see they are not just your typical toys. They look exactly like real ones, too!

But did you know that children’s electric cars have a different purpose? That’s why there are all-terrain vehicles and options designed specifically for the youngest drivers. Let’s see what electric car would be the best pick for your kid.

детские электромобили

Kids’ Electric Cars Models

Ford Ranger

What are the advantages of this model? Name something. Four-wheel drive and high ground clearance guarantee a high passing ability on sand, gravel, or grass. The car has got bright lights, a spacious interior for 2 passengers with seat belts, and even a trunk. 

This doll can speed up to 4 mph while being controlled by an automatic transmission. Battery capacity depends on the manufacturer (an average of 10 Ah). Exactly like a real car, the Ford Ranger has a music system with FM broadcasting and Bluetooth signal transmission. 

Parents will find a few more benefits: the kids’ electric ride-on can be controlled remotely, and a massive retractable transportation handle is attached to the back.


The children’s prototype of the famous car is part of a line from such manufacturers as RiverToys, Barty, and Toyland. You’ll see different models here, from the Mercedes GLA R653 to the retro-style Mercedes-Benz S300

Power and other indicators vary as well. For example, the two-speed and two-engine S300 is designed to move 3 miles per hour, while the AMG GTR HL289 has 4 engines and a limit of 3.7 mph. 

All cars boast the same set of options more or less: opening doors, an interior that fits 2 children, seat belts, and a music system (compatible with MP3, USB, and microSD).

Mercedes-Benz G-Class (G-Wagen)

For the lovers of massive electric jeeps for kids, there is a Mercedes-Benz G-Class prototype. RiverToys has declared this model as licensed, but it’s not particularly different from other brands’ dupes (except it has got 4 wheels as opposed to 6-wheel Barty’s and 2-4 engines proportionally). They all start with a key and speed up to 3-4 mph. 

The vehicles are equipped with a couple of 7Ah batteries that can work up to 120 minutes without recharging. Your kid will have plenty of riding to upbeat music. Shock absorbers and a five-point belt provide them with additional safety and comfort.


This kids’ electric car replicates the image of a real SUV. Don’t worry if your kid under 8 years old sits behind the wheel: wide rubber tires, shock absorbers, and high ground clearance make it easy for the car to move even on stones. 

This four-wheel-drive model has got 4 engines of 45 watts each. It is charged from the 7Ah battery and speeds up to 4 mph. Parents can supervise the car using the remote control. A loud audio system and light-up headlights will add to the mood of the trip.


If you’re looking for a safe open SUV, Buggy is a great option. Soft seats and strong seat belts will brighten up even the bumpy rides. The child gets to feel the upper hand: for instance, the car starts up with the key. You can also switch speeds on the go or turn off the all-wheel-drive completely. 

With the maximum speed of 4 mph, parents can stop worrying that the child will get too carried away while driving. Also, 4 motors with a power of 45 kW make you feel as if you were driving a real car.


The BMW fleet of children’s electric cars is just as extensive as Mercedes-Benz’. Still, the all-time favorite among manufacturers is a mini-copy of the sixth model. It is designed for two passengers under 6 years old, but the older the child, the more space they will need. 

There is an engine-starting button. When the driver presses the pedal, the car speeds up smoothly. It can also move back and forth, and if your child does not cope with the steering wheel, you can use the remote control to help.

This BMW is equipped with 2 engines of 35 watts each and a battery from 7 to 10 Ah (depending on the brand). The battery runs for 2 hours, and a charge indicator shows the fun time left.


Three large manufacturers produce electric tractors for kids: Peg-Perego, JIAJIA, and Pilsan. Products by Peg-Perego look more realistic than their competitors’, but they are significantly more expensive as well.

Tractors can move in two directions, play music, and even buzz with a horn. Typically, with its two engines of 165 kW, such a vehicle can reach the speed of up to 4.6 mph. 

There is only one disappointing thing: the operating time is less than in a small electric car for kids. It only works for 40 minutes. Also, electric tractors are powered from a charge of only 6 volts.


Most often, children’s electric motorcycles are actually tricycles. 

Most manufacturers duplicate the general outlines of well-known brands. Nevertheless, there are those who specialize in duplicating BMWs (Joy Automatic, Barty, RT). 

Chinese electric motorcycles have the same characteristics as most children’s electric cars. The only thing left is to choose what you prefer: a bike or a simple passenger car.

Double-Seat Models

Almost all kids’ electric cars are designed for two children, except for tractors and motorcycles. Unfortunately, the novelty of 2019, the kids’ electric Apple Car is only developed for one driver.

Important: when making a purchase, pay attention to what age the car is designed for: children of 5 years and older simply will not fit inside together.

Remote Control Models

The remote control is another safety measure for a young driver. You can find it in the following popular electric car models:

  • Barty Ford Ranger F650,
  • RiverToys Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG,
  • Barty Hummer H777MP,
  • Barty Baggu XMX-603,
  • RiverToys Jeep M777MM et al.

The remote control helps parents control both the speed of the car and its trajectory.

RiverToys Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG

Where to Buy a Kids’ E-Car

You can buy electric cars for 6-year-old boys and girls (and older) not only in sporting goods but also in children’s stores. Especially for our readers, we have found their whereabouts.


The largest selection of small electric cars for kids is in the following chain stores:

  • Detsky Mir,
  • Korablik,
  • Dochki-Sinochki.


  • DetMir,
  • Buslik,
  • Funtastik.


  • Budynok Ihrashok,
  • Antoshka,
  • Baby Boom. 

детские электромобили

Used Electric Cars

You can buy used electric vehicles on the following Internet websites:

  • Yula (Russia),
  • Avito (Russia),
  • Onliner (Belarus),
  • (Belarus),
  • (Ukraine).

Renting Children’s Electric Cars

How easy it is to rent a battery car for kids, depends on where you live. Look for renting points not only in parks but also on the online message boards. There is always a wide range of options to choose from.

How to Charge a Small Electric Car for Kids

To charge an e-car properly, you should only follow 3 important steps:

  1. Do not fully discharge the battery neither after the first assembly nor during your further use.
  2. After delivery, put the vehicle on charge immediately.
  3. For long periods of use, remove the terminals from the battery.

For more information click here:

Repairing Battery Cars For Kids

You are free to choose whether you want to repair your electric car in the service center or on your own. However, if the car is still under warranty, do not try to fix the damage on your own and contact the seller right away.

Spare Parts for Children’s Electric Cars

Again, when looking for spare parts, the Internet will be of greatest help. Original parts can be found both in the online store where you have made the purchase and at the service sites of your region. Take note of the websites:

Wheels for Kids’ Electric Ride-On

  • Russia:,
  • Belarus:, ypa.bu.
  • Ukraine:,


  • Russia:, техмарт.рф.
  • Belarus:,
  • Ukraine:,

Chargers (12 V)

  • Russia:,
  • Belarus:,
  • Ukraine:,

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